Custom assets such as spraygun, vehicles or branding

Onsite training $170 USD/hr + Travel

Out of warranty support $170 USD/hr

Spare Spray-paint controller mount $1,000 USD per mount

Bulk Buy Discounts:

Cost per unit: excluding freight and local taxes
1 x $10,000 USD
2 x $9,500 USD
3 x $9,000 USD


Trainer Gaming
User profiles
Companion app
Virtual Trainers
Heatmap cams
Apply Primer Coat
Apply Paint Coat
Apply Clear Coat
User Scores
1 paintable part
4 paintable parts
Paintable car
Access to Online Analytics

Sponsorship Programs

SprayVIS offers sponsorship opportunities to businesses in order to assist schools in attaining a VR headset. Through this program businesses are able to allocate a headset along with gaming mode to a school of their choice, with additional benefits for larger orders that provide promotional items and industry gift packs for distribution to students.

Contact us to find out how you can support.