Product Overview

Software Modes

The SprayVIS simulator comes with two software modes consisting of Trainer and Gaming. Targeted towards industry professionals, expo exhibitors and early learners in the school environment.


The main function of the SprayVIS simulator software, a virtual spray-painting trainer set up within any classroom environment. Featuring smart enhancement designed to stimulate early learning in spray painting and develop techniques. Replacing the traditional training within the spray-booth working environment.


Set in a gaming environment, users can try a new skill in spray painting in a competitive nature being scored on their ability and performance painting a range of vehicles whilst having fun. Designed to stimulate interest and connect potential candidates to the automotive trade at these events.


Compact Travel Case
The SprayVIS system is housed in a custom designed, rugged and travel-ready Pelican hardcase, enabling safe transport and effective training in any location. The case weighs in at just 18kg and all components are stored in a
63 x 50 x 30 cm unit.

Plug and Play

In less than 5 minutes you will be up and training on the SprayVIS system, simply plug in the single power cord, press the on button, and you’re ready to go. Everything you need is included in the box.

Compact and Powerful
The SprayVIS system is driven by one of the most powerful and compact VR capable PCs on the market, the Intel Haydes Canyon NUC, to ensure users have a fully immersive, realistic and effective training experience.

Plug in Your Own Monitor Or TV
The system offers an external HDMI allowing an additional monitor or TV to be connected, enabling spectating and/or monitoring.

State of the Art VR Headset
SprayVIS utilises the current state of the art VR headset. The Oculus Rift S headset has an ergonomic design to ensure comfort and is equipped with next generation lenses and sharp displays to deliver an immersive and realistic training session without the requirement of cumbersome external tracking sensors.

SprayVIS Custom Spray Gun Controller
The system comes with a specialised spray gun controller developed inhouse, to replicate the feel, weight and ergonomics of the industry’s leading spray guns. The spray gun also incorporates an industry standard air hose and is fitted with removable weights to enable the simulation of up to 1kg of virtual paint. Users will be completely immersed in a realistic training experience enabling the honing of their techniques and skills.


User accounts
Users can create individual accounts that allow for tracking of progress and enables mentors to identify any issues and areas for improvements.

Grading System
Providing users with constructive feedback at the completion of their exercise. Feedback covers multiple areas such as paint coverage, paint usage, time taken, which can be adjusted by trainers to suit their requirements. An overall score is then generated based on all combined aspects of performance.

Four Paintable Pieces
Users in the training mode can choose from various paintable pieces of a vehicle which include a bonnet, fender, door and bumper.

Spray Gun Setting
Various settings for the spray gun can be managed and altered, to allow users to adjust the fan width or the pressure level of paint during the painting process.

Virtual Trainers
The virtual trainer is a prerecord process that users can follow as a guide to show the correct and most efficient way to paint the selected piece. Users have the option to activate a virtual trainer when further guidance is required. Mentors also have the ability to record their own virtual trainers along with optional audio to suit their specific techniques and requirements.

Performance Review
Once users have completed the three components of the paint job, they will have the ability to view a virtual playback to review their own ability.

Real-time Feedback
User feedback is provided in real-time through heatmaps, audio and visual ques. The active heatmap indicates the paint coverage as a user is painting each coat and provides a review at the completion of the session to highlight the areas of too little and too much paint. Audio and visual feedback trains the user to maintain correct spray gun position and orientation during the whole training process.

Companion App
The trainer mode provides mentors with a companion app to easily manage user profiles and assess user training progress through intuitive graphs.

Software Updates
Users will be provided with regular software updates and customisation options.