A new perspective for training

New Opportunities

SprayVIS is an industrial training solution that harnesses engaging, interactive and immersive teaching methods to increase training speed and effectiveness, while reducing costs and negative environmental impacts.

Users are placed in realistic virtual environments and exposed to simulated training scenarios, while receiving real-time feedback and ongoing progress tracking.

We Specialise in

SprayVIS specialises in providing training solutions using industry 4.0 technologies such as Virtual Reality, providing a new perspective and generating interest for the younger generation within these virtual environments.

We aim to promote trades as a pathway to a secure and prospective career choice and provide a direct connection to industry.

Working with industry leaders, we have developed a Virtual Spray-Paint Training Simulator for use in classrooms, training centres, and exhibitions. The first of its kind solution uses the latest in hardware and software products from global brands such as Intel, Oculus by Facebook and Google Firebase providing the best possible engagement and user experience.

This Virtual Reality training solution reduces OH&S risk and costs associated with consumables, location and logistics, appealing to the next generation, stimulating industry interest, and improving training outcomes.