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Virtual Reality Spray Painting
Training Simulator

About SprayVIS

SprayVIS is the most technologically advanced, cost-effective and compact virtual reality spray painting training and gaming simulator on the market. Driven by a high performance VR computer, the plug and play solution provides affordable and environmentally friendly training using immersive virtual environments.The solution comes with two user modes, Trainer and Gaming.

Every classroom can now become a training centre

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SprayVIS - The industry’s most advanced spray-painting simulator and training software





  • We utilize the SprayVis VR simulator for our new team members that are starting to work at Toyota. This has been utilized for ages 19 up through 67. SprayVis is a head start for them as part of their specialty training at Toyota
    Eddie Gerlach
    Human Resource Organizational Development | Top Trainer at Toyota
  • Businesses and training organisations are now seeking new approaches to training to be able to provide staff with the necessary skills and understanding required to undertake work on the ever-changing, complex vehicles of today. By utilising remote digital solutions such as those Tradiebot has to offer, it enables training to be undertaken in real time, anywhere and at a time that will suit each individual.”
    Peter O’Doherty
    Senior Project Officer: NSW Education Partnerships
  • The Ready Tradie Go pilot that delivered virtual spray-painting training and industry engagement , by Tradiebot, was a great way for our students at St Leo’s Catholic College to experience trade skills and possible career pathways in the collision industry for the workforce of the future. “I would recommend any school to try a program like that of Tradiebot, as it will inform and prepare students of the future career opportunities available to them, both during and after high school.”
    Melanie Timmerman
    Education Officer: Pathways & Partnerships/ RTO at Catholic Schools Broken Bay
  • Axalta is committed to supporting students and ensuring the future of our industry. SprayVis allows students to experience the rewarding and creative aspects of a career in vehicle painting without having to leave their school environment – introducing them to a career they may have not previously considered.
    Steven Brett
    General Manager at Axalta Coating Systems Australia
  • Always a great customer experience when working with Tradiebot team! Quick, flexible and professional! And talking about SprayVis, a very premium solution that enhances our technical trainings.
    Kauê Moncau Milanez
    Marketing Manager Middle East | Automotive Refinish Coatings at BASF
  • It is exciting to see new Australian Virtual Reality technology like SprayVis enter our industry, what a great way to attract school kids into the spray-painting trade. Using such cool digital tools such as VR headsets that the younger generation can relate to and use within the classroom or at home.
    Maxine Colligan
    WorldSkills Car Painting Medal Winner